As an independent researcher I have conducted academic as well as commissioned research; predominantly qualitative research based in Germany and / or England.

Current Research Project

New Public Management, Citizenship and Social Work revisited: Children’s services in England and Germany 10 years on

Past Research Projects

The Internationalisation of Social Work: the migration of German social work practitioners and ideas to England (with Tony Evans, funded by RHUL Research Strategy Fund)

Summary: A qualitative study examining the experiences of German social pedagogues working in England. The study was primarily concerned with what the perspectives and experiences of these practitioners can tell us about similarities and differences in practice between England and Germany.

New Public Management, Citizenship and Social Work: Children’s Services in Germany and England (PhD Thesis)

Summary:  A detailed analysis of public policy, organisational procedures and social work practice in children’s services in England and Germany. Developed a citizenship typology mapping different assumptions about parents in contact with social services. Contextualised the results in the history, structure and professional heritage of each country.

Evaluation of LOS (Local Capital for Social Purposes) in Wuppertal / Germany (funded by the German Ministry for Family, Women, Youth and Seniors and the European Union)

Summary: Evaluation of the impact of the projects that were funded through this project.

Evaluation of Project: “Expertise and Qualification of young people in deprived districts” in Wuppertal / Germany (funded by the German Government)

Summary: Evaluation of the impact of the projects that were funded through this project.

How do social pedagogues and social workers working in youth work understand social space and how does this influence their practice? (Dissertation)

Summary: A small scale qualitative study that explored social pedagogues views on young people in public spaces